Mason Jar Solar Light Crafts

There are so many fun and creative ways that you can upcycle mason jars into solar lights! These make great DIY gifts or home decor projects that are sure to impress. Here are some of our favorite mason jar solar light crafts.

Looking for a fun and easy solar light craft? Then check out this mason jar solar light tutorial! With just a few supplies, you can create your own solar light that will look great on your porch or patio.

This is a great project for both kids and adults, and best of all, it doesn’t take long to make. So gather up your supplies and let’s get started!

Mason jar solar lights lids

Mason jar solar lights lids are a great way to add light to your outdoor space without having to worry about batteries or cords. These lids fit onto any standard Mason jar, and they have a small solar panel on the top that charges during the day. At night, the lights automatically turn on, and they provide up to 8 hours of light.

mason jar solar light crafts


What can I make out of old solar lights?

If you have old solar lights lying around, there are a few different things that you can do with them. One option is to upcycle them into new solar lights. This can be done by removing the old batteries and replacing them with new ones.

You can also add new batteries and solar panels to old solar lights to make them more powerful. Another option is to use the old solar lights as parts for new solar lights. This can be done by cannibalizing the old solar lights for their batteries, solar panels, and LED bulbs.

Finally, you can simply recycle the old solar lights. This can be done by breaking them down into their component parts and recycling them separately.

How do you make mason jar lights outside?

Mason jar lights are a popular way to add decoration and light to any outdoor space. They are easy to make and can be customized to fit any décor. Here are the supplies you will need to make your own mason jar lights:

-Mason jars -Battery operated lights -Wire

-Scissors -Tape Instructions:

1. Begin by cutting a length of wire that will be long enough to wrap around the circumference of the mason jar. 2. Tape one end of the wire to the bottom of the mason jar. 3. Wrap the wire around the jar, making sure to keep it tight against the glass.

4. When you reach the end of the wire, tape it to the jar. 5. Trim any excess wire. 6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each mason jar.

7. Once all of the jars are wrapped in wire, thread the battery operated lights through the wire. 8. Hang the mason jars in your desired location and enjoy!

How do you make mason jar lights glow?

Mason jar lights are a great way to add some extra light to any room. They are easy to make and only require a few supplies. Here is how you can make your own mason jar lights.

What You Need: -Mason jar with lid -LED tea light

-Wire -Scissors – hot glue gun

Instructions: 1.Start by cutting a small hole in the center of the mason jar lid. 2.Next, take your LED tea light and insert it into the hole.

3.Now, take your wire and wrap it around the tea light. Make sure that the wire is tight so that the tea light will not fall out. 4.Finally, use hot glue to secure the wire in place.

5.Now your mason jar light is ready to use! Just turn on the tea light and enjoy the extra light in your room.

How do you make a hanging solar light?

If you’re looking to add some solar-powered light to your outdoor space, a hanging solar light is a great option. Here’s how to make your own hanging solar light:

How to Make Mason Jar Solar Lights – HGTV Handmade


This blog post covers different mason jar solar light crafts that can be made. The first is a solar light chandelier that would be perfect for outdoor parties or weddings. The second is a solar mason jar lantern that can be used as a night light or to decorate your porch or patio.

The third is a solar mason jar string lights that would be perfect for decorating your deck or porch.

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